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VR Medical Applications

Medical Virtual reality in pharmaceutical sector will allow the users to dive into a virtual world where they get an immersive experience to understand complex medical information. These VR medical applications could help improve care and outcomes for patients and better communication of therapy options for companies, healthcare professionals and research groups.

Virtual Reality Medical Simulation

3DforScience can develop cutting-edge virtual reality experiences and medical VR apps that replicate a cell environment to show a trip through the bloodstream. In a simulation of a virtual reality environment, the patient can be immersed inside their body to see how a medication works or reacts with their bloodstream, showing them what happens at molecular level.

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VR Medical Applications

The application of a Virtual Reality App in medicine creates a new gamification way to entertain, helps HCP´s to sell their product and allows users to understand complex concepts or see a drug’s mechanism of action (MOA). The medical VR companies can help pharmaceutical firms to promote brand awareness and biotech to show how the molecules interacted with specific body tissues for example.

Creating a new way to visualize and feel what is science and explain healthcare is one of the best added value that medical virtual reality companies can provide to their clients.

VR in Medical Training and Surgery

A lot of medical professionals would be interested in using VR as a medical training solution. In fact, most of these professionals agree that VR engagement can be more valuable than websites and other clinical tools used for patient education.

From our experience, our medical VR technologies can help provide both training to HCPs as well as helping to provide better care advice through the use of apps. Moreover, these VR tools can help to educate patients on how to use drugs or help sales reps to show and sell their medical product.

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