Interactive Application

Creating interactive experiences for your science with the best impactful and engaging content

Full interactive Application

Interactive applications empower your employees and improve your customer experience. You can create a greater interest in the user allowing them to live a virtual experience close to what it would be before and after using your product.

Interactive applications encourage greater engagement with your customer. Helping them to understand closely and easily how your product works and the benefits it can bring.

image of virtual booth 3dforScience

Virtual Booth

With the virtual booth, you can invite your exhibitors, partners, sponsors and speakers to a unique experience. Organize your best professional meeting or virtual exhibition with your brand. With all the personalized scenarios with last generation digital tools, which allow you to present your product in a more innovative way.

Interactive content for your website

The use of interactive content on your website makes it more attractive and innovative in the eyes of the users. It helps to attract attention and stay on your website.

It allows you not only to read and see information, but also participate and immerse in a wonderful experience to increase and capture the attention you are looking for your company.

E-Detailing Material

It is a perfect way to increase engagement for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. It involves the use of multimedia and interactive material to facilitate sales presentations to health professionals. This technology consists of carrying the interactive materials on a tablet or iPad, to reinforce face-to-face communication and the effectiveness of the marketing and sales forces.

Interactive content for booths

Touch screens capture more attention from visitors to your booth during conferences. Interactive displays allow users to interact with audiovisual information, visualization, virtual and augmented reality.
Allow users to manipulate data in convenient environment and participate in content like never before.

rakuten medical interactive content for booths

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