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Martínez Carra, a Spanish firm, partners with 3DforScience to spotlight Milagrum Plus through an agricultural 3d animation video showcasing its unique Bioevology technology. This collaboration highlights the product’s innovative approach to plant protection, emphasizing its effectiveness against fungi and integration into sustainable agriculture. The video serves as both a promotional and educational tool, positioning Martínez Carra as an industry leader in agricultural solutions and underscoring the importance of ongoing innovation in the battle against crop diseases.

About Milagrum Plus

CLIENT: Martínez Carra is a Spanish company based in Haro, La Rioja, dedicated to the distribution and sale of phytosanitary products and fertilizers for agriculture. The company has extensive experience in the sector and offers a wide variety of solutions for crop care.

Milagrum Plus is one of Martínez Carra’s flagship products. It is a natural bio-fungicide for foliar application for the control and management of downy mildew, a fungal disease that affects a wide variety of crops. Milagrum Plus is composed of specifically selected lecithins with a high content of natural phosphoglycerides. These phosphoglycerides act on the fungal cell membrane, causing its weakening and death.

SERVICE: The company entrusted the 3DforScience team with the task of crafting a dynamic 3D animated video. This video aimed to vividly illustrate to their diverse audiences and stakeholders the remarkable capabilities of their product. Specifically, it delved into the product’s composition, the activation mechanism it triggers in crops through its Bioevology technology and the exclusive benefits that clients would gain by investing in this innovative solution. Beyond merely combating fungal diseases, the video emphasized the product’s ability to foster a sustained protective effect, safeguarding harvests for the long term.


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Before diving into this study, let’s explore some interesting insights about the utilization of microbes to fight fungi, highlighting the significance of Milagrum Plus technology:

Did you know that microbes reign as the most abundant life form on Earth? Surpassing the collective weight of animals, plants, and humans they manifest in diverse forms including bacteria, fungi, Archea, and Protozoa.

  • While microbes can be effective against some plant pathogens like bacteria, fungi are a different beast. They have different cell walls and defense mechanisms, making it harder for microbes to control them.
  • However, not all microbes are equally equipped for this task. Although some demonstrate promise in combating specific fungi under controlled laboratory conditions, their effectiveness in varied real-world agricultural environments may be constrained.
  • Just like bacteria, fungi possess the ability to develop resistance against microbial control methods. Consequently, the quest for enduring solutions necessitates ongoing research and development efforts.


microbes fight against fungi

Showcasing the Power of Bioevology Technology

Following a detailed scripting process delineating the most important scenes of the project, our team created an initial draft of a storyboard presentation. This storyboard is proof of our collaborative efforts with the Martinez Carra team, encapsulating three key moments throughout the video that explained Milagrum’s three strategic avenues of action.

Firstly, the product’s capability to target the pathogen’s cytoplasmic membrane is facilitated by the metabolites and enzymes synthesized by the bacteria. Secondly, showcased the activation of the plant’s immune response. Lastly, detailed the process of competing for space and resources with the pathogen.


pathogen's cytoplasmic membran


The video wrapped the entire concept by demonstrating the efficacy of its technology, particularly in combating downy mildew and other fungal diseases. It supplemented this with concrete data from independent trials demonstrating superior fungal control compared to alternative fungicides. The end featured a recapitulation of the significant benefits outlined in this article, emphasizing its support for the natural metabolism and photosynthesis of plants, the absence of pre-harvest interval restrictions, and its perfect alignment with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs.


superior fungal control

An Agricultural 3D animation that exceeds in quality visualization

The Milagrum Plus video resulted in an exceptional animated representation of the company’s objectives and requirements, providing clear, concise, and pertinent information for prospective buyers and stakeholders. Not only does this allow the company to showcase and underscore the potency of its scientific innovations within the industry, but it also positions itself as a leader entity in the agricultural ecosystem—a beacon of professionalism, quality, and dedication.


Animation on agricultural sector


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