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Our mission

To improve the understanding of science.
Transforming science complexity
into a compelling story.
Scientific and medical animation company focused on the healthcare sector.

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We expertize in:

  • Biology
  • Oncology
  • Biotechnology
  • Immunology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Medical Device
  • Genetics
  • Anatomy
  • Neuroscience
  • Cardiology

Artists and scientists working together, creating compelling stories to ensure scientific accuracy when it comes to science visualization.

Our team

  • Medical copywriters
  • Scientific illustrators
  • Scientific & Advisory Boards
  • Molecular & cellular biologists
  • Immunology experts
  • Pharmacists


  • Interactive programmers
  • 3D medical animators
  • Pharmacology’s MoA animators
  • Web designers
  • Marketing and Scientific communication

Why us?

Science and Creativity comes together in 3DforScience.

Well controlled workflow.

We have a well controlled workflow based on a fluent communication with the client since the very beginning, phase by phase, making sure we are always moving forward.

Your goals are our challenges.

We are passionate, creative and driven by the amazement of our clients.

Our clients


What makes 3DforScience special and what features define us?

3D for Science is a medical animation studio that works as a big family. This allows us to work more efficiently thanks to the close relationship between our Product Managers and the Artists. Besides this, we do not involve third parties in our projects which ensures the proper communication between our clients and us and leads to a high level of accuracy. Accuracy between the client’s idea and the final project is crucial for us. For this purpose, we use an optimal feedback system design to avoid any misunderstanding which combined with the scientific background of our product managers guarantees a high level of accuracy.

But we don’t settle there, we want to reach a high-quality level in our projects therefor we recruit talented and well-trained artists from different fields to work alongside our scientists.
At last, we are used to working for the Pharma and Biotechnology industry, so we know how specific this industry moves. To adapt to the industry timing, the members of our team are easily accessible by our clients and we adapt to their deadlines so the whole process does not longer than necessary.

By whom are required the visual solutions and medical animations?

Scientific and 3D medical illustration services for companies with highly detailed and crafted drawings are widely used by both Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological companies as it is the perfect way to visually show complex scientific concepts, such as a drug mechanism of action (MOA) or explanation of biotechnological processes.

Being able to translate complex scientific concepts like molecular processes into easily understandable and interactive animation and illustrations makes it accessible for your target audience whether if they are a scientist, medical professionals, patients or the general public.

How much time does it take a medical animation?
The longest animations are those explaining the mechanism of action (MoA) of the pipeline or introducing the steps in the manufacturing processes. In the case of the mechanism of action, we think the best option is, to begin with, a summary of the pathology, followed by the product and finally explaining the MoA (benefits). To ensure a good understanding of the key points, we think the optimal video length should be between 1-2 minutes.
What is included in the price of a medical animation?
In the project, the cost is included the script, storyboard, visualization, animation, voice-over artist, editing, music and effects as well as full global rights.
Which is the 3DforScience innovation philosophy?

3DforScience is one of the most specialized companies in science visualization. We have gained along these years our experience and knowledge about new therapeutic approaches as we have worked with many biotechnology companies, but also with pharmaceutical, consumer health and medical devices companies.

In 3DforScience, we have a multidisciplinary design team that are continuously looking for new ways to implement our technology and develop a new pipeline. The use of new technologies is growing everyday just as the development of the same. That is why we work harder every day to be in front of innovation.

How do I know scientific accuracy is guaranteed?
Our scientific team is composed of experts in different fields such as Immunology, Oncology, Pharmacology, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Cardiology, Medical devices, Endocrinology and Dermo-cosmetics.
In order to favor the best communication with the client for each project is assigned a team to avoid third-parties.
How does 3DforScience ensure quality in feedback rounds?
We believe communication is the keystone for a successful project.

Thereby, a team of Scientific Project Managers is assigned from the beginning of each Project, who are eager to
help and guide the client during the whole process.

Apart from this, we count on online sharing platforms which help to visualize and gather all the feedback, making easier the experience.

Can the narration script be provided by the client?
Yes sure, we can work in both ways. If the company provides its script we will have it reviewed by our team and make suggestions according to our work method.
In the case of medical animation, how long does it take to create it?
It usually takes around 6-10 weeks in order to develop the project. Once we have the script, which takes 3-5 days, we start with the storyboard, and it will take 4-6 days. Following the storyboard, we proceed with the Visualization, which takes 5-10 days. Finally, the animation will take 7-10 days. Take into account that each phase has two deliveries followed by a round of feedback from the client. Each round of feedback will take 2 days.
Is 3DforScience used to work against the clock?
Although the mean length for a project is 8 weeks , however we can adapt to the client requirements and reduce the deadlines but without compromising the quality of the project.
Is there any problem working with US clients regarding the different time zone?
The time difference does not pose a problem. Thanks to the nature of our work, real-time online platforms, regular calls, video conferences and emails are more than necessary for proper communication.
Is there any out-source or sub-contract in 3D for science?
We only subcontract Voice Over artists, we hire the best native voice-over professionals according to the language, target country, accent, dialect and gender to fit our client’s requirements.
Whom does the copyright belong to after finishing the project?

Once the project is completed, the copyright always belongs to the client. The main key to this advantage is that the customer can use the content of his project for the reuse in additional marketing actions. Also, all the content which has a relation with the project produced has total protection due to the copyright that we guarantee once we develop the project.

Are there any stock images or animations used in 3D for Science?
All of our work is created specifically for each project and all the elements are designed from scratch, according to the brand identity and to create images that people can recognize as distinctive elements that belong to your brand.